Kuchum, a Russian village dog drinking water – art by Linandara


Original artwork.

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Media: Mixed – acrylics and ink pens on canvas
Size: 13 x 17.8 cm

A Russian village dog, Kuchum, drinking from the river Protva, water dripping from his mouth, ripples going around. Memories of staying at my friend’s house near the town of Protvino.

Kuchum Khan of Sibir was at war with Russia in 1580s. The dog had some of German Sheepdog features. So the dog’s owner, a simple loud village lady, was calling him with tenderness in her voice “Hey, Kuchum, you Nazi b*rd!” I find it interesting how the history of past wars was still showing through modern (around 1990) life. 

The artwork could be displayed both on the shelf and on the wall. 


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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 30 cm


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