Galathea A Bellydancer


Semi abstract belly dancer with a story. Original artwork.

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Media: Mixed acrylic and ink, framed with a cord, size shown is with the frame
Size: 37×31.9 cm

An artwork in ink and acrylic on paper, mount and the frame. Features a semi abstract woman with a shawl / veil in brown, white, copper and dark green tones.

You probably heard of Pygmalion and his Galathea, a sculpture which became alive. There are your other one and a half versions. 

From his teen years and by a reason unknown to himself, this man, Pygmalion, was obsessed with creating a woman. Someone he would consider to be near perfect. Did gods play a trick on him? 

He wasn’t a sculptor, so he was making her up in his head, painstakingly, slowly, year after year. He was reading a lot of books and watching a lot of movies and every time he found someone even a little bit close to his Galathea, he would ponder, add or subtract a detail. She grew beautiful, strong, kind, solemn and smart but sad and almost mute. As he was getting older he suddenly decided he’s done with the gloom: his Galathea will have a lovely smile and a musical voice and be articulate and will speak about the treasures of her soul. 

Then he looked at the image and saw that it was good. That very moment she came to life, and barely glancing at her creator ran away into the wide beautiful world… But he still could follow her.

And then there is another possible ending: The time is an illusion, after all, and that Galathea came to life not at the moment Pygmalion finished his work but when he started, many years ago, when he was still young. He manifested, conjured her out of the thin air and by now she already was happily married with three kids and five grandkids. Pygmalion immediately recognised his Galathea when accidentally stumbled upon her Instagram profile. She accomplished a lot in her life and had many wonderful friends, because he made her a good person, much better than himself. She lived on the opposite side of his planet in a beautiful place and didn’t need him at all. 

What was left to him? He lost his dream, but he found knowledge. He actually was a wizard all this time.

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Dimensions 50 × 2 × 30 cm


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