Unusual Double Faced Alien white mask with vintage lace, hand drawn pattern


One of the kind hand painted mask from a beautiful and mysterious world.

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  • Where this came from? Space, ancient times or other dimensions? You are welcome to create this mask’s story yourself.


Something one of the kind from a different world. Two standard adult size thin plastic masks stiched together, mysterious patterns, blue leaves, brown spirals and arrows, hand drawn with acrylic ink.

The bottom part (beard?) Is made of a fragment of genuine vintage lace, crocheted by my great grandmother in Russia. For anyone who like weird and nerdy stuff. Relatively fragile, so not suitable for small children. 
Could be worn for Halloween, Day of the dead or any other costume party, or just used as a wall decor.
Made by me, Alexandra Cook aka Linandara, an artist living in Wales, UK. White flexible plastic, cotton, scotch tape, acrylic paint, elastic cord.

One of the kind. There never will be another one like this. 


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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