Sputnik Muses: Freedom, Justice and Reason by Linandara


Original symbolist art.

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Media: Acrylic and ink on three canvases with a cords, ready to display 
Size: 71 x 50 cm each

This is a triptych celebrating three very important values: Freedom, Reason and Justice, represented by figures of a man, a woman and a child holding lights, shaped a bit like Sputnik, the first Earth’s artificial satellite. Acrylics and inks on canvas with small math paper collage elements. The edges at the top and bottom made slightly non rectangular by additional wood and plaster. Stars, leaves and a bird also included.

Varnished and ready to display. The artworks were exhibited in Turkey and Bulgaria. 

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Weight 9000 g
Dimensions 90 × 40 × 70 cm


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