Place of Power – art by Linandara


Original fantasy landscape artwork.

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Media: oil pastel with a bit of watercolour, acrylic, and pencil on light blue card
Size:  31.5 x 50 cm / about 12.5 x 30 inches

I created this painting after a brief visit in South Tyrol at the end of May 2022.  It is inspired by wonderful landscapes of this part of the world which will stay in my heart forever. This old church is somewhere between Brixen and Bozen. A dark figure with a glowing staff standing by the vineyard looks like a mage. Is it Merlin? Gandalf? Anakin? Claudia from “Dark?” Who knows. But she or he is approaching a place of Power…

The painting needs to be framed under glass with a mount.


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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 60 × 2 × 60 cm


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