Ghost Snow Bears


Fantasy Bears in a winter forest. Original artwork.

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Media: Mixed: gouache, pencils, ink, watercolour on paper
Size: 39. 8 x 29.8 cm

Those were snowy trees outside my window.

Once, during a student expedition in the Carpathians, my friend and I were sitting by a stream in a dense fir forest. We heard strange splashes. We did not see anything, but we decided that it was a bear, we got very scared and hurried to the base. In R. Messner’s book about the Yeti, a similar case is described: a dense mountain forest, strange sounds, either water or a beast. The author believes that this mythical animal of Tibet is, in fact, a rare species of a Bear.

We have just watched the TV series “Terror”, where a huge polar bear or a spirit in the form of a bear is creating terror in the Arctic …

And here’s what happened. Perhaps, when meeting real animals, we also see their strange “reflections” in fantastic parallel worlds?

(gouache, ink, graphite, acrylic, pencil, watercolor). The edges are a bit rough.

Frame and Enjoy! 

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Dimensions 40 × 2 × 30 cm


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