Blue Yarn and Willow Dream Catcher, One Of The Kind, Sparkling Turquoise Cobweb


Turquoise blue unique dream catcher, a hanging textile and wood artwork by Alexandra Cook

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Bring something wild into your life. Escape into your dream world. Its not magic, but your imagination is. 

Completely unique, one of the kind hanging decoration. Two types of turquoise blue yarn, one is more fluffy, another more sparkly, tied and crocheted. The frame is woven with willow branches, completely dry now. The diameter is about 30 cm / 1 ft. Irregular, spontaneous, non-replicable. 

Photographed in the wilderness of Wales. 

Made by me, Alexandra Cook aka Linandara, an escape artist. 

Could be used outside but will last longer indoors or on the covered porch.



Material: Wood    
Pattern: Circles Theme: Art
    Type: Wall Art
Main Colour: Blue Style: Bohemian

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 7 cm


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