Welcome to the “Spectral Net Fellowship” 

We live in a world where the Real is becoming harder to get. Making real friends, doing face to face conversations, popping round for a cuppa, going into Nature, enjoying unique handicrafts and homegrown produce. Stuff which is good for us. 

The Universe is a place of awe and wonder. Hardship is happening everywhere, as it has been happening since the beginning of times, but it is a growing pain. We learn through our every encounter with everyone and everything. 

It is important to go through life accepting and appreciating the whole spectrum of our conditions, opinions, emotions, states. Looking into their possible meaning. 

We all are of the same blood and all are brothers and sisters, nods in the evershifting, living universal Net. Yet every human being has a unique path towards their own bliss. Walking this path brings the person into the flow and benefits everyone. Freedom is a necessary condition for finding and following one’s own way in life. 

Let’s protect and multiply what’s good for us, together. 

Sister Linandara. 

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