Ruella’s Fight original art


Feel the Force. Original artwork.

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Media: Mixed, pencils and ink pens on paper
Size: 20.8 x 15 cm
I have been somehow upset with the 2021 Mandalorian development, with actress Gina Carano being fired. Let me explain. When me and friends were at high school, we were writing an endless fan fiction story. My very extraverted friend’s character was called Ruella Walker. She really reminded me of Gina Carano’s character Cara Dune. The picture is my recent attempt to combine the two of those characters, using my late 80s sketch and a still from the TV series. I was thrilled that Ruella was back, same universe, same time. Our Ruella, of course, was the Emperor’s daughter, fighting, debating, flirting and drinking with everyone on board, putting her boots on the control panel, always carrying a small nuclear device in her handbag. Coauthors and their characters wanted to push her out of the airlock but they didn’t because then the story would be too boring… Even if you think the actress said something controversial, that’s what makes life interesting. And why should we care what’s actors points of view are anyway? They are the messengers of the story and Gina Carano was one of the best. It is never a good idea to shoot the messenger. Pens and pencils on paper, A5.

Better frame the painting under glass.

Frame and Enjoy! 

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