Ludlow Assembly Rooms 16 June – 01 August, 2018

June 16-30, Ludlow Assembly Rooms, the Gallery room.

Alexandra Cook aka Linandara

I was born behind the Iron Curtain. My structural engineer mum told me to oppose the communists and gave me professional pastels and serious science fiction books at a very early age. I couldn’t stop reading – and painting colorful alien worlds with their inhabitants. Me and my friends were creating our own civilization, with a language, customs, arts and crafts. I travelled the Earth but wanted more. I dreamed of becoming a scientists and a real space explorer, venturing into the Big Unknown.

At the age of 15 I watched Star Wars trilogy and at 20 I read “Lord of the Rings” with plenty of Dostoyevsky and Bulgakov in between. I wanted to go on a noble life-long quest. I went to study Mars. I loved my University and the laboratory I was working in afterwards, preparing my dissertation. But it turned out that the space exploration now was the domain of robots.

I’ve seen the Soviet Empire collapsing and great confusion rising: monarchists, nationalists, mystics beckoning me into the darkness. I craved wisdom but didn’t found it in religion or any supernatural beliefs. Later, in the UK, I walked along “green” and community-minded path. I wanted more freedom, reason, creativity and honesty in my life but it wasn’t here either. Again and again I’ve seen people trying to make me a part of their story. I didn’t like that.


I was reading, listening, people watching, thinking, painting, drawing, creating jewelry, absorbing arts and crafts from other times and places, taking photos, participating in workshops, dancing with hippies among ruins, doing book illustrations, posters and a live portrait during a rock concert. I have been organising art holidays and exhibitions, did some film props and costumes, had my own tiny art shop, and went across three countries with a sketchbook…   The dots gradually started to connect.

I can’t go to space, other worlds or the future literally, only through my art. And for rational dreamers like me I can be a pathfinder, bringing forward the dream tomorrow of space wanderings and technological wonders, making them feeling the awe of vastness and otherness of endless possibilities.

I have seen firsthand how group-think, irrationality and collectivism can damage people’s lives. I didn’t enjoy when people were putting their narrative to my life, so I won’t teach or preach – but show glimpses of stories still untold. Your stories, where you can become a hero you always wanted to be. Stories of bravery, endurance, adventures and fighting for freedom, exploration, discovery, optimism, love, endeavor; true wisdom learned, true self found.

Live your own dream here and now. Imagine your own story. Walk your own path and let others walk theirs. The world will only become better because of this.



Here are my artworks, all for sale. You can also commission me a painting. Email, text 07930413515 or visit