Art Voyage Summer Exhibition (May-July 2018) in Hafren Theater Wales

This is the exhibition of the Art International Group I am participating in and co-curating with Svetlana Elantseva.

The International exhibition “Art Voyage” started in the Theater in Newtown, Powys, Wales on 12th of May.

Svetlana said: “Our new project continues to emphasize the ideals of friendship and international co-operation. Artists who participate in AIG’s exhibitions share their own cultures, language and traditions with artists whose countries they visit. The universal language of Art becomes their medium for communication with all.

Art provides opportunities to create something new from what already exists; transfers ideas from one cultural environment to another; moves from past to present to future. The force of art has a magical touch which establishes dialogue despite differences in outlook and mindset”.

The exhibition Art Voyage represents artworks of artists from the groups ‘Art International’.

Artists from U.K., Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia, Italy:
Pauline Furnival Terencel (U.K. ), Alexandra Cook ( U.K./Russia ), Svetlana Elantseva ( U.K./Russia ), Ivano Petrucci ( Italy ), Claudio Giulianelli ( Italy ), Erna Ferjanic ( Slovenia), Ludmilla Baitsaeva ( Russia ), Svetlozar Nedev ( Bulgaria ), Francesco Rosina ( Italy ), Cristina Del Rosso ( Italy ), Svetlana Sveta Helen Williams ( U.K./Russia ), Irene Raspollini( Italy ), Ahmet Özel ( Turkey ) ,Phil Breeze( U.K. ), Irina Khabibova ( Russia )

If you are visiting not at the theatre’s show times check with the theater their opening hours before traveling (important!) And if you are going to a play or concert here, the paintings are in the cafe / bar area, difficult to miss.